Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Would An Aircraft Harmoniser Provide Protection From WiFi, Televisions and Computers?

Would this also work to harmonise the signal from the TV? Upstairs of our house is the worst for signals - there is the WIFi, flatscreen TV, computer, office and all the usual kitchen things, microwave, etc. I noticed I can still feel pressure around my head when upstairs and closer to the WiFi.

Yes, an Aircraft Harmoniser will provide you with additional protection by harmonising the radiation from your Digitial Television radiation, all electrical appliances, your WiFi, microwaves, and shopping centres when you go out.

It will work just as well as harmonising an entire plane when you travel, or when you are out and about, away from the protection of your Geoclense EMR Harmoniser, and can be used in your home alongside your Geoclense EMR Harmoniser for additional protection.

If you carry an Aircraft Harmoniser with you in your handbag, purse, backpack or briefcase, it will protect you everywhere you go from all dangerous energies, as long at you are within 30 metres (99 feet) of where you are. 

I most certain feel so much better flying on planes since I started carrying my Aircraft Harmoniser with me, as well as more protectors in shopping centres, and done feel completely drained after going to the supermarket like I used to.

I really like the Schumann Resonance Generators. The picture you have of the house with the Sewer pipes and Benker lines - I think it's possible I may have all of this under the concrete floor of my room as I'm in the basement of the house.  I have still had a few strange dreams over the last few nights though with my Geoclense EMR Harmoniser and overall it's much better - the room's vibration has lifted completely, much clearer and less damp too.

Your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer will be harmonizing and neutralizing all these nasty energies going through or underneath your home including moulds and fungi coming from any dampness you may have there. 

The dreams you may be experiencing may be that your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer is still recalibrating your energies at present s this can occur when you first begin to use it as it clears all the residual energies from your home.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, 
Orgone Energy Healing 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How Do I Test For Electromagnetic Radiation And Harmful Energies?

Is There A Way To Test For All Forms Harmful Energy With A EMF Device?

There is no a device that can test all forms of harmful energy that the Orgonium Orgone Products protect you from, on the world market!   The only way to test for all forms of harmful energy would be using Dowsing, Divining, a Pendulum or Kinesiology.

However, you can get devices such as a Guass Meter or an EMF Meter that can only test for one type of harmful energy such as only Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), only Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), or only Radio Frequencies (RF).  There is not device available that can test for all forms of harmful energy.

In order to test all the forms of harmful energy that the Orgonium Orgone Products provide you total protection from, using Dowsing, Divining, a Pendulum, Kinesiology or Biofeedback is a better way to test, provided you ask the right questions.

All our research is done Medically or with Biofeedback, to see the before and after effects on the body, the energy fields and the aura.  Some of this research can be seen at http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-energy-research

It is much more important to know that you, your family and your loved ones are being protected, and that the harmful forms of energy are no longer affecting the Physiology of your body.  Such as your Radiation Protection products are now preventing the harmful energy from putting stress on your Nervous System, or are no longer placing stress on your glands or organs, such as reducing stress on your Heart.

Here are some sample questions you can use with Dowsing, Divining, a Pendulum or Kinesiology for you to test with http://www.orgoneenergy.org/testing-noxious-energies

My friend is testing harmful energy with an EMF Meter - and he says that EMR is still present with my Geoclense Orgone Generator?

The EMF Meter your friend is using only measures a tiny fraction of all the forms of harmful energy that the Orgonium Orgone products provide protection from, as stated above.  For a fully comprehensive list of the forms of harmful energy the Orgonium Orgone Products provide you with protection from please refer to http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

All forms of harmful energy, EMR, and Geopathic Stress will always show when tested with such a device, even when the Geoclense plugged in and switched on. This is because the Orgonium Orgone products do not make these magically disappear. The Orgonium Orgone Products are totally and completely harmonizing and neutralizing ALL harmful energies, including the as you can never make them go away, by constant product good Negative Ions to negate the harmful Positive Ions.  

Blocking or totally shielding any form of harmful energy is actually dangerous, as this causes them to emit way more harmful Positive Ions.  This is why harmonizing and neutralizing all dangerous forms of energy with healing, beneficial Negative Ions constantly is way more protective, as you will find when you do the tests with Dowsing or a Pendulum at the link above.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

Do Orgone Product increase my power supply?

The high efficacy Radiation Protection Orgone products don not increase your power supply. 

They would actually reduce the amount of power you would be using once you installed any of these Orgonium Orgone Energy Radiation Protection products to any electrical device, or simply place them around your home, office or workplace, the Orgonium Orgone Products instantly work by harmonizing and neutralizing every form harmful energy, actually reducing the resistance of the electricity coming through your power cords and electrical wiring, requiring less electricity to be used.
The Geoclense Orgone Generator especially does this, more so as it is actually plugged into a power point, and connects with your electrical wiring, even though it does not use any electricity.

For more information about our Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Geneator, please see http://www.orgoneenergy.org/emr-orgonium-harmonizers

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Can I Take My Geoclense Orgone Generator When I Visit A Friend's House?

Can I take my Geoclense Orgone Generator when going to visit a friend's house or relatives house, and plug it when I arrive and when I leave I unplug it when I leave? 

You would not usually unplug your Geoclense Orgone Generator from your home to take it with you to visit friends for a short time, unless of course you wish to have them experience it and clear their home for them while you are there, but generally you would not take it with you for a short visit.

However, wish to take it away with you when you are travelling such as on business or vacation, and then plug it in where you are staying.

Is there some delay before the Geoclense Orgone Generator works?

There is no time delay for the Geoclense Orgone Generator to work immediately, and anyone who is energy sensitive, they will feel it right away as soon as you plug it in.

However, some properties and buildings may require more time than others to completely harmonize and neutralize whatever issues are going on there. This may take anything from a few minutes, to a few days, to several months.

Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

My neighbours have those nasty Wi-Fi routers, are using nasty microwave ovens, and cell phones and cordless phones. Will my Geoclense Orgone Generator neutralize the area inside my unit, and my neighbours units through the wall or above ceiling?

This depends on whether your Unit is on one property title or deed, or whether the entire building is all on one title or deed, which usually the case for units.

If your entire building is on one property title, then your Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize everyone else's units, as well as your own, all the way to the surrounding land to the boundary fences of the property title or deed that all the units stand on.

Does my Geoclense Orgone Generator work when I travel?

No.  An Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator is for protecting you whilst travelling, as a Geoclense Orgone Generator will not provide you with much protection while you are travelling, as you will not be able to keep it plugged into a power socket.

It is not what it is designed to cover you when you travel.  However, You may take it with you and plug it in at your destination for protection where you are staying, as stated previously.  However, it will not provide you with much protection whilst you are in transit. You will require an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator for this.

The beauty of the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator is that you can carry it in your purse, handbag, backpack, computer case, or even it your pocket, to protect you for 100 yards wherever you are!

Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator

Will Geoclense Orgone Generator work everywhere I plug it in, regardless how many different addresses that has been used?

Yes. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator work anywhere it is plugged in, as your Geoclense Negative Ion generator is not "programmed" to any specific address.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Does EMF Paint Provide Protection Like Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Do?

What about EMF Paint?  Is it Effective At All?

No they are not good. The EMF Paint absorbs all the radio frequency (RF) and then amplifies the energy into the building. People selling radiation shielding paints base their results on a Gauss meter and RF meter readings, that are not on a biological level as we do.

When we assess the performance of the paints from a biological point-of-view, we find that the EMF paint creates more organ stress, or worse, provides no change to the organ stress levels.

All EMF and radiation shielding products must be measured by how much of the radiation resonant stress is placed on organs of our body that the products will prevent, not what any gadget says.   For more information on how to do this test this yourself please see:

Therefore, why would you use  EMF Paint that that only covers Radiation Frequency (RF), when the Geoclense Negative Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all form and sources of harmful Positive Ions as per the list here: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/usa-canada-geoclense

Using the EMF Paint is a complete and utter waste of time, energy, resources and money.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator will do way more than the EMF paint which is hardly doing anything at all.

And ONE Geoclense Orgone Generator for the entire building if it is on ONE property title or deed.

The GeoCleanse Negative Ion Generator Home EMF And Radiation Protector

So are Radiation Shielding Products safe and worth using?

Please note that you want to keep away from any product that offers Radiation Shielding.

This causes the harmful EMF, Electromagnetic Radiation and other sources of harmful energy to have to work much harder, causing them to emit even more harmful Positive Ions. 

 Harmonizing and neutralizing these is way more effective as they do not cause radiation emitting devices to work hard nor to emit more EMF and more harmful radiation.

Are Digital Smart Meters or Analogue safer or better?

Analogue is always much saver. As far as we are aware you do not have a choice in USA otherwise they take your Analogue Meters away and leave you without Electricity.

It is great to hear that there is another option to a Digital Smart Meter there in California, as we have been informed that there is not such an option. Remember it is not you reacting to the smart meters, but the bacterial, viral, Candida and other infections in your body are affecting you and causing your reaction, and people do not have the reactions that you do if they are healthy.

All smart meters would be better off being completely enclosed in a metal box similar to a "Faraday Cage”. Especially for people with Systemic Health issues such as Lyme Disease. We know that this is why many react to smart meters.

We live out in the forest on 40 acres, where we are not connected to the Electricity Grid and have Solar Electricity out there, and there hardly any Cell Phone nor WiFi signals there, as we know this is a much safer environment to live in.

And yes, we still have a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator there as well as other Orgone Schumann Generators, as there is hardly any place on the planet now that is safe from phone signals or other forms of harmful energy.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Healing

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Are Orgone Product Made And What Are They Made From?

How is my Orgone Generator is made, and what it's made of?

Our Orgone Energy Technology is Proprietary information. This is because we do not want anyone attempting to imitate our technology, or to pass other products off falsely as ours.

As for the physical ingredients that your Orgone Generator is made from, our Orgone Products are made from biocompatible resin infused with our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology energy infusions of Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies.

Dome Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonance Generator

The Orgonium Orgone Products are solid state Negative Ion Resonance generators, and will always constantly generate Negative Ion resonance, which will continually you with provide total protection from all forms of harmful energy.

For the difference between our Orgonium Orgone Energy technology and other Orgone products available, please read the attached article or refer to our Articles page on our site at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/orgone-articles

So what is Schumann Resonance and Orgone Energy then?

Schumann Resonance is the energy frequency of Planet Earth being 7.83 Hz, and Orgone Energy is the energy frequency that is found in nature, such as in remote natural locations, where the energy has not been disturbed by man-made processes. 

Schumann Resonance and Orgone Energy produce healthy, healing, beneficial Negative ions that found in nature like in a forest, beside a water fall, at the beach or even in the garden.

Harmful Positive ions are the ions that accumulate in cities, where there are lots of man-made constructed such as built-up areas, or are created by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, earth magnetic radiation, cell phone towers, fluorescent lighting, computer networks, printers and numerous other sources of harmful energy.

The harmful Positive ions from your Orgone Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all of these, when you place Schumann Frequency and Orgone Energy Generator in and around our home, workplace and office.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin
Orgone Energy Healing

Monday, November 24, 2014

Do Orgone Energy And Schumann Frequencies Assist Psorasis, Epilepsy And Chromosomal Abnormalities?

Do all of the Orgonium Orgone Energy products also generate the Schumann Resonance?

Absolutely all of these highly protective Orgonium Orgone Energy products are  infused with exactly the same unique and innovating technology.

This includes an infusion of both Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies which is part of the technology for all the Orgonium Orgone Products, therefore they are both Schumann Resonance Generators and Orgone Generators.

Schumann Waves Or Schumann Frequencies look like this

Does the Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator resonate Schumann Resonance Or Schumann Frequencies?

Yes absolutely.  The Geocleanse Negative Ion Generators are both Schumann Resonance Generators as well as Orgone Energy Generators.

In what way is the Quan Yin Schumann Resonance Generator different from the other products?

The Quan Yin Schumann Resonance Generator is different to other items in the way it is shaped as Kwan Yin or Quan Yin.  

They are different in size is different from various other Orgone Schumann Generators on our website, as well as its weight, and the size of the energy field that it generates.

We also have a similar Schumann Generator that is a Buddha Statue.

Buddha And Kwan Yin Schumann Generators are also Orgone Generators

I have a grand-daughter who has a chromosomal abnormality and am wondering if the Quan Yin Schumann resonance generator, known for it's healing effects on DNA might be of some help her at all?

Yes.  This is because all of these highly effective Orgone Schumann products heal the body, repair DNA damage, seal the aura, balance the energy fields of the body and the chakras.  

Therefore they would all of these Orgone Schumann Products would be ideal for assisting your granddaughter with her chromosomal abnormality, as firstly they will provide her with protection from all forms of damaging energy. 

Secondly, they will do a lot of Energy Healing for your granddaughter which will make her stronger and will much more resilient.

Will These Orgone Energy Products assist with healing Psorasis and Epilespy?

These powerful energy healing products would  assist you in healing Psorasis and Epilespy as clear the energy frequencies of Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida from your aura and energy fields so that your body can better recover.  These nasties are contributing factors to both these conditions, as we have discovered in clinical practice, and cause fatigue and low energy.

These Orgonium Orgone Products would reduce the amount of Epileptic fits, which may be related to exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation. 

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Healing

Monday, November 3, 2014

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Digital Alarm Clock Or My Iphone Going?

Do not ever sleep with an iPhone on in your bedroom

When you sleep with your iPhone on, this stops your brain from producing Melatonin, and is preventing you from going into deep Stage Four sleep.  This may be contributing to dizziness and balance issues as this will be affecting you brain, and well as sleep deprivation which will lead to other health issues.

To better understand this, see our blog post on Melatonin and electromagnetic radiation at: http://www.orgoneenergy.org/blog/post/3546942

What about sleeping with a digital alarm clock besides my bed?

Do not ever use a Digital Alarm Clock beside your bed either for an alarm clock, as this will do the same as your iPhone does, unless you put it on Flight Mode if you have that setting.

Not to mention if anyone calls you or sends you SMS messages in the night, the sound your phone makes when you receive this will wake you up.

Get a normal battery operated or wind-up alarm clock that won't interfere with you energetically and will allow you to sleep more deeply. Otherwise use an old style mobile phone that can be switched off but the alarm will still go at the allocated time if you still have one. 

When I accidently leave my iPhone on at night, I have the worst night's sleep and do not have so much energy then next day.

Would my Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator harmonize the effects of this?

Your Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize the affects of this, if you place it beside your bed. You would also require a Geoclense Orgone Generator to provide total protection for your entire home. 

 Aircraft Harmonizer Mini Orgone Generator

You would be best to get an Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator and keep it near you at all times such as in your handbag, unless you feel you cannot do this, then get an Orgone Pendant to wear at all times also.  This will provide you total protection from your iPhone too!

What about if I have a few health issues?

If you have Systemic Health issues such as a viral or bacterial infection, a Candida yeast infection and parasites, you will  be way to sensitive, and would not tolerate sleeping with an iPhone on at all.

As you require to get all the rest you can to heal and recover when you get until you have Systemic Health issues addressed, as these in themselves will severely affect your ability to sleep properly.

Here is a quick way to test to see if you have a Candida yeast infection:

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Healing